July HMD

Jul. 12th, 2017 10:15 pm
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It's time for the (now) bi-monthly HMD! This is the place where new and old players alike can comment to request constructive criticism and helpful advice. Participation is not mandatory, but if you do take part, please be respectful whether you are giving or receiving comments.

Here's a handy dandy form you may use:

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Just a periodic reminder and announcement for the newbies about the gamewide (semi-unofficial) Discord chat server! It's been a bit slow lately, but it's a fun place to discuss things happening in game, fish for plotting, and generally get to know your gamemates.

You can click this link to join, even if you don't currently have a discord - discord will make a temp account for you to join with. We'd love to have you come in on a permanent basis though.

Looking forward to seeing you there!


Jul. 8th, 2017 03:49 pm
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Hi, everyone! Tessa here. Just letting you all know that I've decided to drop Lorna here, and thus means I'm out of the game. It's been super fun these past few months, but My Time here has come for now. Thank you all so much for all the awesome threads and CR!!

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Death of Grinding Madness
The Demon Plot
(mild spoilers for The Raven Cycle)

Hello Thisavrou! July's player plot starts on July 9, when Joseph Kavinsky tries to summon a bonafide demon from the Raven Cycle through the Ingress, just as the freezing weather and other chaos residual from the metaplot disruptions begin to fade out. Kavinsky's intent is revenge on Ronan Lynch, his canon nemesis, who has been plagued by nightmares of this creature for months. The demon itself, in the meantime is a creature inherently of corruption and destruction.

Thus, their evil combined is creating Shadow Selves of the existing characters... that's you guys! Check it out! EVERYTHING IS AWESOMe. )
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New kids, welcome to the game! Existing players who apped new characters, it's great to have even more of you! Come use this space to introduce yourself, your characters, talk about what they'll be getting up to, share recipes, play awkward icebreaker games...you know, mingle!
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Late in the evening of the local calendar's equivalent to June 26, characters who work at or are passing through the Ingress Complex may have noticed a sudden tremor, a flickering of the lights and a pause in the regular background noise of the Ingress itself, leaving only silence rather than the usual very quiet hum. After approximately fifteen minutes, things returned to normal. During this stretch of time, especially perceptive characters on the planets below could have observed a sudden change to the swirling patterns of the storm surrounding Thisavrou.

These occurrences were due to the unauthorized intrusion of Neriel Lavellan and Marian Hawke and a magical altercation that took place inside the complex but outside of the shielded area where newcomers arrive when they first come through the Ingress. As this NPC post indicates, authorities are not very happy with this!

Both Lavellan and Hawke have been detained for the moment. As for the Ingress itself, as of this morning, outbound transit through the Ingress is off-limits. Characters who are in other worlds will be allowed to return, but no one will be allowed to depart Thisavrou. This partial travel ban will be in effect for the remainder of June. (If this conflicts with any late-month plotting you had planned, just leave us a comment below, and we'll work something out!) Despite this, everything in the complex appears to be functioning normally...but keep an eye on the sky, won't you?
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Hello, everyone! First off, we want to thank everyone who took part in the player survey. We had a great response and some very helpful, insightful comments. If you missed the survey or wanted to add more, don't fret—the state of the game post is here, and now's the time to say whatever's on your mind. But before we get to that, the mod team wants to share some results of survey and specific actions that we're putting into place immediately. Read on! )
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Hi everyone! Sue here again. I promise this will be the last OOC post of this crazy plot! This post is to explain the outcome of the player vote and what effects it will have on Earth 91c and the visiting characters.

The vast majority of participating players voted to have the mystery device returned to Atarah, which means one way or another, she’s getting it back. Shortly after Atarah regains the item, a strange phenomenon will be reported by CCOA ambassador Daniel Wright on the network: several Created have gone missing in the past couple of days alone and unusual “property damage” has been reported. Because these strange events coincide with the prolonged presence of the PCs, the CCOA is calling for all foreign visitors to report to their headquarters for questioning. Until they find out who is responsible, no one will be allowed to leave Earth 91c. Any characters attempting to return to Thisavrou will be stopped by armed guards blocking their way to the Ingress.

Characters have a few options here: they can fight their way through to the Ingress, sneak past the guards, or, if they have any knowledge about prior plot events, they can cooperate with the investigation and help reveal the true orchestrators of the disappearances. Any characters who provide useful information will be allowed to leave. If necessary, characters can also call on their friends to rescue them from CCOA custody and smuggle them out through the Ingress.

Whatever the final outcome, once all PCs have left Earth 91c, they will not be able to return. The way to Earth 91c through the Ingress will be closed indefinitely. For OOC reasons, all characters must have escaped/departed by June 26th so handwave what you need in order to make sure your character GTFOs in time!

Thank you all for participating in this plot! I’ve really enjoyed being part of it! ^^ If you have any questions, feel free to drop them below!
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Plenty of us found the game through friends, but why not cast a wider net? Starting this month, we'll be making monthly OOC posts to gather lists of the most-wanted characters for the game in order to create an ad to post on [personal profile] enablemeplz. Want to let roleplayers know you'd like to see them here? Just fill out this form and paste it in a comment below. We'll compile the responses and post the ad.

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Hi everyone!

This is Sue. Thank you to everyone who’s participated in this player plot so far! I’ve been having a great time planning this and keeping up with all your threads and plots. Now, things are finally coming to a head on Earth 91c which means it’s time for a player vote to decide how things shake out for the planet and the characters currently on it!

After arriving on Earth 91c, a few players may have heard whispers of a murder that took place a couple of weeks before their arrival. Said murder involved a Created killing two humans in broad daylight. An anonymous post to the network later purported that the Created involved, a Program named Kess, had likely been hacked in an unknown way that caused her to lash out in violence. It also included a video of the incident that showed Kess making a strange, rumbling sound during the attack.

Player investigation revealed that Calla, a Program who works in the Gardens entertainment venue, was also hacked shortly before the incident. He described two Creators placing a hexagonal object on his back that caused him to feel agitated and sick, before they were driven off by a good samaritan. Though he himself does not feel compelled towards violence, he was notably left with an audio glitch similar to that which was heard from Kess in the recorded video. (Thanks L, Tex, and Cayde-6 for their investigation!)

While all this was going on, a group of characters were contracted by Atarah, the leader of a group of rogue Created operating out of Rook Manufacturing. Atarah hired these characters to retrieve an object of “symbolic significance” that had been stolen from Rook Manufacturing by anti-Created zealots. The contracted characters Liquid Snake, Cayde-6, Samuel Drake, and Vetra Nyx were chosen to carry out a raid on June 22nd to retrieve the object—an object that, as it turns out, matches the description that Calla gave of the object used to edit him, and likely Kess.

Given its potential to turn normally docile Programs into indiscriminate killers, this object is undeniably dangerous in anyone’s hands. The question is, what should be done with it?

This is an OOC vote, meaning that your character is not voting ICly, and they don’t necessarily know all the information given above. You can vote based on what your character would do if they did know the above information, or you can vote based on what outcome you as a player believe would be the most interesting. However, if you would like your character to get involved in any of these outcomes (for example, if they would feel strongly enough about their chosen option to steal the object from those who would do otherwise), then feel free to contact me at this account or on Plurk at [plurk.com profile] crimsonxiphos and I’ll see what I can do to throw them into the mix. Below is a list of potential options you might consider voting for; simply comment below with your choice. The outcome will be announced on June 22nd so be sure to vote while you can!

1. RETURN THE OBJECT TO ATARAH: Dangerous or not, the object belongs to Atarah. As the leader of a faction that provides a safe haven to free Created, she can be trusted to use it to resist Earth 91c’s system of AI slavery.

2. HAND THE OBJECT OVER TO THE CCOA: This object is a danger to everyone who lives on Earth 91c and must be given to those who can be trusted to destroy it. Whatever one’s feelings on the Creator/Created divide, violence is not the answer.

3. KEEP THE OBJECT: This thing sounds sick as hell and you want to volunteer your character to try and get their paws on it and bring it back to Thisavrou.

4. SOMETHING ELSE? Feel free to vote for alternatives to the options above!

CR Meme!

Jun. 12th, 2017 09:01 pm
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⋆ The first textbox is the header! Fill it out first in its own comment and then submit.
⋆ Respond to your first comment with the second textbox for each character you play.
⋆ Tell us what your characters are doing, what they will be doing, or what you want them to do.
⋆ Plot, chat, maybe toss in a good gif.

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Hi everyone! As previously mentioned, we've been working on a survey regarding various aspects of the game, and it's ready to go! Participation is of course voluntary, but we hope you will take part! It's short enough that it shouldn't take too much time, but long enough to cover a range of subjects, from meme schedules to general game direction.

Just as a note to keep in mind, some of the survey questions have comment fields in addition to the range of multiple choice responses. These aren't necessarily meant to function as an alternative "other" response; if one of the provided possible responses best fits your opinion, you can choose that response and still use the comment box to elaborate on your choice or add any extra thoughts if you have them.

Following the survey period, we will hold a more free-form, unscreened state of the game/feedback post, which will include any significant survey results, particularly those we decide to act on immediately, if that should happen. In the meantime, our regular feedback post is always screened and always open.

The survey is located here. It will be open until June 16 at 11:59 p.m. EST.

Thank you so much for your responses, and for being here in the game!