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June Ends Soon, July's Lookin' Fly (Plot Updates/New Plotting)

Hey, Savrites!

June's madness is finally coming to a close. We'd like to offer a huge thanks to everyone for their participation, particularly the players that ran or volunteered for plots of their own. In light of some recent feedback, we'd also like to offer two more things: a summary of June's events on Thisavrou, and a chance to plot for what comes next.

June: flesh goo redux


  • During the month of May, Soldier: 76 called for volunteers to search for the "contaminant": self-directed lumps of flesh that came to Thisavrou in the bodies of some of its travelers. While Nihlus Kryik and Adrien Arbuckal both publicized, discoveries of their own, the next encounter came at the turn of the month, producing a strange fog through Regions Four and Five.

  • While most of the population was evacuated, Ana Amari, Adrien Arbuckal, J.M. Austen, Elsa, Natasha Stark, and Zer0 found their way to the heart of the fog: an underground passage, where a strange, glowing child crawled out of the flesh mass. She demonstrated influence over the nearby growths, as well as some psychic power. She also claimed that those present had everything wrong: that she had tried to help them, while "the liars" native to this place had killed those on the asteroid and made the player characters forget.

  • The arrival of the Savrii's biohazard teams produced a short-lived conflict. In the end, the girl was rendered unconscious, causing the growths infesting the area to quiet and go dead. The characters on-scene were taken off for decontamination, and thanked for their help in distracting the contaminant. Zer0, however, fled secretly with a recording. This record has not become public, though all characters will be aware that the fog receded on June 6, with all traces of the contamination gone.


  • Ingress Security has been stepped up twice in recent months: first, following the contaminant's arrival at the start of May, and second, after Chara hijacked the Ingress.

  • A third incident came at the end of June, when Neriel Lavellan and Marian Hawke were discovered in a restricted zone, engaging in an altercation. Damage had been done to the Ingress' delicate workings, some of it deliberately inflicted. Both combatants were taken into custody, though Hawke was released not long after.

  • While the names of the perpetrators were not publicly announced, the Department of Ingress Contingency Coordination made a broadcast informing the public of the attack, and stating that Ingress use would be restricted to authorized personnel while the damage is investigated. An investigation that will lead to...

july: a world without light

Too dramatic? After Hawke and Lavellan's magical altercation inside the Ingress complex, technicians thought they had everything under control as they examined the Ingress itself, which began operating in a kind of lower-power, backup safety mode following the main incident. They didn't. Not built to handle magical damage, particularly outside the protected area where new arrivals come through, the Ingress actually suffered a series of malfunctions that slowly cascaded through its systems, going largely unnoticed, until it is brought fully back online as a test. This surge of energy is more than it can handle, and after a mighty shudder, critical systems shudder to a halt. For all intents and purposes, the Ingress is broken.


Glad you asked! As the locations page says, Thisavrou has no sun; the Ingress fulfills this purpose, maintaining the ability to sustain life on the twin planets. Immediately, the sky will go dark. Within 22 hours, the formerly pleasant weather will turn very brisk. By the end of the next day, it feels like early winter, and occasional snowfall begins. By the end of the week…well, you really don't want to go outside without being very bundled up.

Stored energy will allow utilities (electricity, heat) to continue operation, but the worse things get, the more the grid struggles, and brownouts in urban areas will become common. Strain on population centers will only increase as people flock there from the harder-hit areas. And residents from elsewhere in Kauto aren't the only newcomers; fauna from the wilder areas of Kauto will come seeking warmth and food. (More on this in the log!)

Full details will be found in the log, but as a regional breakdown is as such: Chioni will be evacuated, though if residents choose to say they will not be forced to leave; Regions 2 and 3 are the most affected by the unnatural cold; Regions 1 and 5 will be the destinations for most evacuees; Region 4, being largely underwater, will be partially insulated from the danger, though concerns about travel mechanisms will prompt many who live there to come to the surface, lest access be cut off by the time they need it. The Ingress Complex itself also has enough stored energy to remain habitable for life, but it will operate in low-power mode. Halls are dim, and honestly? Kinda creepy.

Speaking of the Ingress Complex...


The Ingress is immensely complicated, and no being alive fully understands every aspect of all its systems. The breakdown of the Ingress and the existing technical team's failure to restore it makes one thing very clear: they need help. All scientists, engineers and generally techie people will be invited to come to the Ingress, put their heads together and fix it by any means possible.

How will this be accomplished? Peeking past the fourth wall for a minute—we don't expect you to puzzle out a specific technical solution that we have intricately crafted, because none of us here are intergalactic wormhole engineers. As far as we know. Instead, we want to invite all tech-minded people to come put their heads together, with this log from last November as one example of how to go about it.

Players of characters with specific and potentially helpful abilities are also invited to submit proposed fix-it plans here. For example, a character who can dive into computers and run around like a teeny anti-virus. Give us a brief rundown of what you'd like to try, and we'll provide an estimated level of success. (If you'd like your character to try something specific and definitely not succeed, for the sake of playing out the frustration or for whatever other reason, just say so!) No one person is likely to find a solution to fix the whole mess; remember, the Ingress is complicated and massive. But the more people pull together, the better the odds of survival.


Yes and no. In the interest of not plunging immediately into endgame via double-global apocalypse, the main crisis will last for one week, after which point the Ingress will be restored enough to sustain life on the planets and allow some kind of travel. However, this does not mean what happens next is a foregone conclusion. The degree to which the Ingress is fixed will depend on character effort and player creativity. If everyone pitches in and attempts lots of different solutions, things will look up! If no one helps...well, the game will continue. But life on the planets will get rough. And while this group may be able to save the Ingress, everyone else will play an important role in shaping the crisis' aftermath.

One way or another, life will continue. But considerable damage has been done, fresh food is at a premium and tensions are high. The majority of permanent residents are upset and want something to be done about those responsible for the breakdown, but are more actively focused on putting their lives back together. Smaller percentages are ready and willing to focus on their anger, or to take advantage of the chaos to enrich themselves in a less-than-acceptable way. An even smaller number begin to actively resent the ex-Moirans and those who came through the Ingress after they showed up; isn't that when the trouble began?

Public sentiment at the end of the month will be influenced by the actions characters take. Will they come together to help everyone recover? Will they take a "forget you, got mine" attitude and maybe do some looting themselves? There is no right or wrong answer, no winning or losing conditions. But the world is watching.


Midway through the month, some of the research scientists who opted to remain behind in Region 4 will report that a piece of equipment typically used for study of the Ingress' effects under water may be useful for further stabilization of the Complex. However, access to the area in which it is held has been damaged, and friendly little native creatures have infested that section of the facility. Players may join a search and retrieval mission to bring the equipment back, with five players selected by RNG to face off against something a little...bigger.

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[personal profile] ascendit 2017-06-30 03:24 am (UTC)(link)
Item contribution: Nate has a device with a multiversal travel function. Obviously this was nerfed, but if mods approve of restoring it (we'll call it buildup of Ingress energy affecting it over time or something), he would be happy to let the techs reverse engineer/harness the magic/whatever from it for the Ingress!

(And if a mildly successful effort permanently and irreversibly breaks the function, I feel that could lead somewhere interesting for his development too. 👍)

IC offer!
Edited (adding in link to IC junction device offer!) 2017-07-06 10:24 (UTC)