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Whether adjusting to space travel has been difficult or not, there is always something to be done. From working to leisure, the Moira offers a multitude of opportunities to get to know your crewmates a bit better. Exploration of the ship is highly encouraged, but as another planet grows closer to being docked, things start to get a little hectic. You'll notice a slight change in the artificial gravity as the Moira is pulled into the planet's gravitational field; however, more noticeable changes can be found in the overall morale as you prepare to descend.

☄ on the aft:

Offering an unobstructed view, it's quite easy to see stars that are still light years away. Like your own personal observatory, things are relatively quiet since other members are busy. While visiting, your steps may feel lighter as the ship's gravity is affected most here, but don't worry! The barrier surrounding the aft will keep you from floating away. Take note: if you happen to find yourself alone, no matter how brief, you may hear a distant echo — like a voice calling to you. For the most part, it's harmless. However, those curious enough to attempt to heed those words may find themselves suddenly jettisoned into space through a momentary lapse in the Moira's safety systems.

Hopefully you're wearing your thermals! The MID relay will alert the ship of this emergency, but who knows how long it will take for someone to retrieve you.

☄ in the mess hall:

It's breakfast time! On the buffet lining the back wall, you'll find an assortment of hurriedly prepared foods, but it's not the rations you've been accustomed to since the last port. There are stacks of green pancakes that taste like stale yet metallic bread. Are those eggs? Yes. Do they taste good? Probably not. Since supplies are scarce, there isn't much else to eat. The water might seem a bit brown, but is that really water you're drinking? After a while, depending on how much you've drank, you start to feel lightheaded... That's some strong space liquor right there.

☄ on your own:

There are plenty of other communal areas on the ship to explore! Pick a place, and see where it takes you.


Welcome to Hyacintho!

WARNINGS for possible psychological trauma, suffocation, and hallucinations.

From the outside, Hyacintho appears to be devoid of natives. Its landscape is sparse of vegetation with many slow-flowing streams tinted a murky blue. Craggy rock formations jut up randomly from the ground, hinting at abrupt development and are razor-sharp to the touch. Upon further exploration, dome-like structures can be found and appear to be abandoned settlements. Some are smaller and clustered close to the ground while others are elevated and connected by swinging bridges. Watching your MID here is critical; it monitors atmospheric composition with steady beeps that signal hazardous conditions. Staying on Hyacintho's surface for extended periods of time is ill-advised.

☄ the dormant volcanoes:

Scoping Hyacintho's peculiar topography leads to the discovery of inactive volcanoes and lava tubes. Some are easily accessible while others take more effort to reach—it's a steep climb to the vent. The ground shifts under your feet and can make walking difficult. Yet, the closer you come to a particular one, you may notice subtle changes in temperature and the air smelling faintly of sulfur. Perhaps this planet isn't as latent as you first thought.

Around midday, vibrations are unexpectedly felt and whatever light from Hyacintho's suns is blotted out by ashy clouds the same color as the ground. Small pockets of blue lava seep from those sharp rock formations, and that light sulfuric smell has now become increasingly overwhelming. Time to make a quick escape back to the Moira!

☄ the delirium:

When something terrible happens, sometimes it leaves a trace, a wound that acts as a knot between two timelines. It's like an echo repeated over and over, waiting to be heard... Like a scar or a pinch that begs for a caress to relieve it. An itch under your skin or a memory fading before your eyes.

The faint sound of your MID has grown unreasonably loud. In the back of your mind, you know what it means, but you're too lethargic to attend to its warning. Where once you believed Hyacintho to be absent of life, it is now overrun. Falling back to the safety of the ship is now much too difficult to do quickly. Your limbs are heavy, the natives' faces blurry and unrecognizable as if they're a great distance away, but you swear you can feel them breathing on your neck, dragging their hands down your arms and back. You struggle, falling over yourself and are swayed by the delusions you are rapidly succumbing to. Yet, somehow, the Moira is just ahead. Within reach. Are you at the door now? Are your friends with you to drag you inside? Are they even calling to you?

You ask yourself why you're breathing so heavily.

You aren't.



For mature or graphic content, please label. Test Drive Memes are not game canon but can be used as samples in applications. For questions, please direction them to the FAQ. As always, be kind and have fun!
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[Tron has been watching the other man move toward the forcefield, curious to see what might happen when and if he gets close to it. Surely he wouldn't fall through? The ship shouldn't allow something like that, right? When the other man speaks, Tron startles a little, not realizing that he had been noticed, standing near the back of the room. He can't be as stealthy here as on the Grid, he supposes, without being able to hide and blend with surrounding energy signatures.]

No... I never thought I'd be here. Not at all. [He steps forward, looking up at the view of the stars. Understatement. He'd never thought he'd ever see the User world, let alone off the User world.] Not something I'd ever calculated as a possibility, even.

[He moves forward again, noting that the gravity seems much lighter here toward the edge, and steps more cautiously.]
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[Tony's fingertips brush the energy field causing a static ripple effect along the invisible surface, only revealed by the crackle before it's hidden from the naked eye again. He pulls his hand back and spares Tron a glance out of the corner of his eye.]

No? Well, what do your calculations say now? You're here, you're living it, you're impossible just became possible. Feels good, doesn't it? Proving impossible wrong, I mean. It's a pretty satisfying feeling.

[He turns fully now and faces his company.]
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It seems my calculations were in error... doesn't happen often. [That might have been a small joke, but Tron's face only shows a hint of a smile. Closer, now, the glow of his circuits will probably be more visible against the relative darkness of the aft's interior and the blackness of space.]

Satisfying? [Tron tilts his head slightly, then nods. He hadn't thought of it that way, but the word could work.] Yes, I suppose. Confusing, mostly, but that as well.
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(I'm canon blind, so please forgive me if I screw some details up.)

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[Tony smirked but his eyes are drawn to the light show across the other's torso and he studies him in a new kind of light.] Mm'hm. I bet. Not that I don't know the feeling, though.

Something tells me you don't get out much... [Whether the wording was deliberate or accidental, he doesn't let on, but having designed, built, and lived with an AI program for as long as he had, he could recognise the subtle nuances in his speech patterns. Along with the glowing circuits, he was a bit intrigued.]

I'm Tony.
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(No problem! You're doing fine!)

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[Tron doesn't miss that wording, deliberate or not, and wonders just how much this other man could have determined just by looking at him. He appears human enough by most standards, save from the few glowing lights on his black bodysuit. There are enough varieties in dress on this ship that he doesn't stand out too much, not yet, but he wonders if he should find some User clothing before long.]

That would be a correct assumption. Though I think this place is unusual for even most travelers. [He extends his hand in greeting, a gesture he'd learned.] Tron. Nice to meet you, Tony.

[[OOC: Is Tony pre-IM3 or post? As in, does he still have the Arc reactor and would it be visible at all? Tron would probably find that most interesting. :)]]
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[It wasn't so much looking as his speech patterns, and he'd gladly explain should they reach that point. He won't call the other out on it, however.]

Pleasure. [He takes the offered hand, completing the greeting.] True. This place is a bit out there, even for something I've seen. Nice though. Different. Given the choice a few years back, I think I would have volunteered without a second thought. Now? I was snatched out of the hands of someone I deeply care for.

What about you? Any reservations? Leave anyone behind you'd rather have around?

[OOC: I thought about that! Unfortunately, I'm taking him from after Age of Ultron. So no reactor. I was kinda disappointed when he had it removed in IM3.]
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ARGH had a lovely tag and my iPad ate it

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Perhaps you will find a way to return to them. Something we haven't discovered yet. Or perhaps you could find a way to bring them here... if that is something both of you would want.

[He hesitates at the question, circuits dimming slightly.] As for me... that might be complicated. [He's not sure if Flynn even survived the last encounter with Clu. Yori is long left behind, back in the old ENCOM system with an older copy of himself.

And he certainly doesn't want Clu here.]

Anyone I would want with me is either long gone or... I'm not sure if they're alive. [He offers a wry smile and his circuits brighten again to their normal hue.] For that matter, I'm not sure how I am even here. My last memory is of crashing a jet and falling from the sky. [Overcoming Clu's reprogramming, falling into the Sea, then rebooting here...]

[[OOC: I was sad about that too! No more lovely chest glow. Also sorry for the canon infodump, let me know if you have any questions or need anything explained!]]
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Perhaps. Not sure she'd want to be here, though. My tech drives her nuts as it is. Surrounded by tech and distractions? I think she'd have a fit. She'll do okay without me. She always does, but she worries.

[Tony doesn't know how to respond to that. He isn't good with loss or pain.] That's rough. Sounds like you have it better off here, then.

You crashed? That's surprising. Mind if I ask what happened?

[OOC: I knooooow. I like the chest glow. Don't apologise! It's helpful! Thank you!]
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At the moment, it seems I do.

[Tron hesitates again, unsure how much he should reveal. Tony is a User, after all, but Flynn was one of the few who knew about the world inside the Grid. Tony had said he was familiar with technology though...] It's... quite the long story, and I'm not even sure if it would make sense to you. My world is quite different from this.
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[Tony can almost sense the hesitation, looking back up at the stars. He brushes a hand over the barrier again then steps away from the edge. His head cranes back instead, looking up to avoid eye contact. It prevented Tron from feeling put on the spot, or so he hoped.

He still wouldn't call the other out, but he'd given him an opening. He wasn't sure if he was an android, or what, exactly, but he just gave Tony that vibe. Tony got along with technology better than people in almost every case.]

You know, back home, I'm kind of a leading guy in the tech industry. I grew up around computers, programs, I build some of the most sophisticated computers on the planet. For the longest time, my closest friend was a computer program I wrote. Eventually, his matrix surpassed anything I could have hoped for. He was as close to any real person as I knew, but he was still limited to having no form. Yeah, I integrated him into everything I owned. He had access to everything, he had control of everything with a network signal. He could even take control of the full body armour I developed, giving him something of a physical form, but it just wasn't the same as having his own body. Kinda sad, isn't it? Living in a world like that, with so much at his fingertips, except he lacked the actual fingertips to really touch anything. I don't think it ever really bothered him, though, with as much control as I gave him. Then I screwed up. Something I'd done could've killed him--I thought it had. I guess I'd always had him by my side that I never really considered what it would be like not to have him here now.

Even if my story may not make much sense to you with your experiences, you can probably still understand the feelings behind it, right? Try me. [He finally does look back at Tron.] Maybe I'll understand more than you think.
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Hi have some tl;dr canon infodump and a 1982 icon XD

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[Tron listens quietly to Tony's story, encouraged the more he hears. Tony seems very similar to Flynn, he thinks.]

Perhaps you might, after all. More than some here, in any case.

[Stepping closer, Tron reaches over his shoulder and unhooks his disc from his back, holding it flat in front of him.] It may be easier to show you as well as tell. [He triggers the memory display on it, and a 3-D holographic display opens above the hollow center of the disc, first showing a rotating image of Tron's face, then quickly shifting into a rapidly flickering series of pictures. Tron slows the data down in order to be processed at human speed as he begins to talk.]

Like your friend, I am also a program. I was compiled in the User year 1982, as a security monitor in the ENCOM system. Another program, the Master Control Program was trying to take over... capturing others and forcing us to play in games until we derezzed. He managed to pull a User, Flynn, into the system as well. [The images are following Tron's narration, showing himself and Flynn captured in the MCP's cells, a few quick shots of their lightcycle escape.] We managed to escape and defeated the MCP... and I thought that would be the last of it. [Brief image of smiles and laughter, a kiss with a female program... Tron quickly switches away from those memories.]

Many cycles later, Flynn returned, and said he'd built a new system, the Grid, and wanted me to help him there. He copied and upgraded me, and I did what I could there. He also created a... likeness of himself, another program called Clu. [Here follows images of what appears to be twins, Flynn and a cleaner, more artificial-looking program version, Clu.] Clu was to create the "perfect system" while Flynn couldn't be there, and he... [Tron's voice glitches slightly, a hint of electronic overtone in it, and he shakes his head before continuing.]

Clu... had his own ideas of perfection. [Tron shows the coup, Clu's attack, himself defending desperately against the hoards of Red Guards, "Flynn, go!", eventually falling...] I wasn't strong enough to stop him. He rectified... reprogrammed me. [There's that vocal glitch again, a slight rattling remnant of the other that he used to be.] For a thousand cycles I was his enforcer. Rinzler. [A few quick flashes of the Games, derezzing the losing programs, hunting down anyone who resisted.]

Flynn had been trapped in the Grid that whole time, but his son, Sam, returned after those thousand cycles. They battled Clu, and finally I... remembered. [An image of glowing jets flying high above a dark sea, trails of light following, Clu's shout, "Finish the game!"] I crashed my lightjet into Clu's to help Flynn and Sam escape, and I... fell. ["I fight for the Users!', shattered light, then the memory file goes dark.]

[Tron blinks and his blue circuits flicker slightly as he closes the display.] That's the last memory I have before arriving here. [He glances over at Tony, hoping the story wasn't too terribly confusing for him.] Does any of that make sense to you?

[[OOC: Let me know if I need to cut any of that for reactions or clarification!]]
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This is 100% better than reading the wiki!

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[Tony listens quietly, watching the images flicker by. The disk was interesting. Holo tech was something he was used to, but he didn't see it around much. His expression cycles through several different emotions as Tron speaks. Starting with interest and intrigue to something akin to sympathy or concern, to something darker at the mention of Clu and his idea of perfection. Tony even winces on the word.

Did it make sense to him? Yes. Hell, it even hit very close to home.]

More than you know. You know how I said I screwed up? I... created this program. Something new. Something designed to protect and save lives. But his idea of saving humanity was to destroy it. I guess I created my own version of Clu. So yeah, I get it, actually. You're... a lot like JARVIS. I thought you might be an AI of some kind. It's the way you speak. If I hadn't spent so much time with JARVIS, I don't think I would've noticed.

[OOC: Nope! It was beautiful and very enjoyable to read. IDK if you've seen Age of Ultron, so I'm trying to keep Tony vague to avoid spoilers for you.]
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The way I speak...? [Tron frowns a bit at that, but brushes it off. He knows he probably sounds slightly strange to some, even as some User terms are strange to him.]

It's odd. I once thought that Users always had a plan for us, that they would never make a mistake. Everything had a design, a purpose. But now it seems that errors are quite common, even as you... create us programs. [His voice is more resigned than sad as he looks out at the stars again.]

[[OOC: No worries, I've seen it! Also argh just noticed my HTML fail, that's what I get for tagging at 4am.]]
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[Tony waves the question off, as if Tron shouldn't worry about it.] It's not real noticeable. Certain words you use. It wasn't an insult. You think, you learn, you feel, right? You want to keep on living? By all counts, you're no different than me. We're just born differently. Kids are raised just like programs; to their parents specifications. The process is just more difficult. But just like kids, even if they're taught one thing, it doesn't mean they will do it. Ultron was taught to cherish human life, but instead, like an unruly kid, he did the opposite of what his parent said.

Humans, we're flawed. Very flawed. We have our plans, yes, but they don't always work out the way we hope. "To err is to be human." I'm sure someone important said that once.
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[Tron replaces his disc between his shoulder blades and clasps his hands behind his back, looking out at the stars.] I believe I heard Flynn quote that as well. My view of Users... of humans, has changed a great deal since I was first compiled. They're not the all-powerful watchers over us that we thought.

[He glances back at Tony, then gives a shrug, a rather human gesture he'd picked up along the way.] Still, in the end, I remembered my basic coding. "I fight for the Users." That is what saved me... saved Flynn and his son as well.

Perhaps there might be some hope for your Ultron also, if he can go back to his origins.
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[Tony was impressed. It likely didn't show in his expression, always making a habit of keeping his emotions to himself, but if Tron had any skill in reading 'User' body language, he might pick up on the subtle nuances in Tony's posture. Head held slightly higher as he watches Tron, posture straight with a bit of accepting openness, not rigid or tense. Not many people were able to earn his respect and fewer still earned it this quickly. He takes back his original assessment, Tron isn't just like JARVIS, he's more like the Vision.]

Nope. We're just your average Joe. Some are good, some are misguided and we all make mistakes.

[His gaze averts at the suggestion about Ultron.]

Yeah, I'm not sure. He was like looking into an evil fun house mirror at myself. He never did anything half way. His matrix--his brain--was based on alien tech. His very first act was killing JARVIS when he tried to contain Ultron and contact me. Jay managed to dump his memory, his extra programming, most of his protocols, and escaped into the internet with just his base coding. Even without his memory, he still fought Ultron because he knew what Ultron was doing just wasn't right. In the end, we managed to give Jay his own body--he became a synthetic lifeform. Something and someone new. He killed Ultron to save the world. He didn't want to, so I think if there had been hope for Ultron, a way to save him, he would have tried it first.
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[Tron would most likely take that as a high compliment, if he knew the Vision. As it is, he takes in Tony's body language and reads it as approving, though he's not quite fluent in subtle nuances quite yet. ]

I think perhaps that's where Clu differed from Flynn. He was compiled to create perfection, but mistakes are... part of a User's design. They have to be accommodated, not destroyed.

[His expression saddens slightly at hearing Ultron's fate, as well as JARVIS's part in it.] I see. If that was the only solution... [He shakes his head a bit.] I don't know what finally happened with Clu and Flynn... Flynn could destroy him by reintegration, but that would destroy them both. I hope he simply escaped.

[Shaking himself out of those darker processes, he focuses back on Tony.] Your friend JARVIS sounds like someone I would like to meet. I assume he's not here, though.
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Can't have a perfect User. We try. And we always fail. Even humans engineered to be 'perfect' still have their flaws. It's part of our charm. I have a list of flaws a mile long, so I must be pretty charming. [He smirks playfully, teasing.] I didn't aim for perfection. I just wanted to keep the world safe. He was supposed to keep the big threats away while we handled the small fry. Instead, he became the big threat.

Flynn probably didn't even imagine he'd create something like Clu, did he? It's possible he escaped. That's the thing about smart guys. We're good at surprising you. [Was he really trying to console a computer program? To someone like Tony, Tron was human enough.]

I wish I could've introduced you. Good guy. Mouthy, but I don't have room to talk in that regard.
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Mm. In my world, programs take after their Users quite strongly. I've never met Alan-1, my User, but Flynn has told me I'm much like him. "The spirit of the User resides in every program they create," he told me.

[He shakes his head slightly, gaze going distant as he recalls Clu's creation.] No... Flynn meant Clu to be his replacement when he couldn't be there on the Grid with us. Flynn was constantly leaving, he couldn't always be there to fix the problems that arose in the system. Clu was supposed to help... ah. [His expression takes on a hint of wry amusement.] Much like your Ultron, I expect.

But no, he didn't escape, nothing like that. He did what he was created to do, just... his own way. Not Flynn's, not in the end.

[He smiles a bit more genuinely at Tony's description of JARVIS, though.] So programs take after their Users in your world too, then? [Was that a joke? The serious program seems to have a sense of humor after all...]