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( tdm 13 )



my evil twin, bad weather friend
"I know someday I'll meet him, but I don't know where or when."

The Ingress has pulled you in. Your body experiences several sensations at once: being pushed forward as if a hand is resting on your back, momentary and startling blindness, a gentle ringing in your head. You have difficulty discerning whether it is hot or cold, but where you have been prodded is noticeably warmer than the rest of you. Some may suffer from dizziness while others are perfectly fine. Once equilibrium has been reestablished, you will notice you are standing on a long platform and that the room is filled with a soft cerulean light. It's slightly humid and dark despite the glow around you, and nothing is familiar. Shortly after, you are led out and toward the medbay.

Inside this room, you are given a physical scan and offered a contract to sign that states you are now part of the crew of the Moira with a specific job. Any questions you might have would be answered in a straightforward manner as well as an explanation about how the Ingress, the thing that has pulled you onto the Moira, is broken and bringing people here unintentionally. This process also consists of a complete work-up of medical history and current health, and afterwards, you are given your MID, a device that is integrated into your hand or wrist with only the slightest pinch. From there, you are guided out of the medbay and to your living quarters.

Whether adjusting to space travel has been difficult or not, there is always something to be done. From working to leisure, the Moira offers a multitude of opportunities to get to know your crewmates a bit better. Exploration of the ship is highly encouraged. You may notice a slight change in the artificial gravity every once in awhile; however, more noticeable changes can be found in overall morale of those of the crew.

☄ on your own

There are plenty of other communal areas on the ship to explore! Pick a place, and see where it takes you. ( These scenarios can be used as in-game canon. )

Every day, the ship gets closer to its destination: the Midway Hub.

Answers as to how to the fix the broken Ingress and send everyone home are sought there. Your captains, both old and new, have been working together peacefully to make the trip a little easier, though events occur that are well outside of their control. After having made the last cargo supply stop at the Mini Colony, the Moira and its crew are on the last stretch of its journey. The Ingress, for the majority of the time, is left off and only turned back on during testing; that's when new crew and other items come through.

It's October on the Moira, and it's been far, far too peaceful..

☄ older and far less kind
get clowned when I come around
On one of the ship's many stops, a group of sentient, flying whale-type natives were stumbled upon. They were friendly, although unfortunately hunted for a substance they produce, and the crew paid a group of mercenaries to keep these beings safe. Now, early afternoon, red lights begin to flash, and Captain Ira makes an announcement. A gam of a less advanced sub-species of those gentle giants is in the ship's path, and crew are told to make their way to the Observation Deck, Tower, and anywhere else that affords them a view of space. When the beings move closer to the Moira, the captains send out non-explosive decoys that can be remotely operated by the crew—lead these beings away from the ship so that the Moira can safely pass through.

☄ graveyard smash
i was working in the lab, late one night
Let's set the scene. It's early in the morning. Those who don't sleep or sleep very little already know what's going on as they've been roped into helping by the Captains. Everyone else wakes to a surprise. Some universes celebrate holidays like Halloween or Samhain, and this one is no different. First Mate Egan's home is known for honoring the dead on October 15th of every year, and after approaching the other Captains, they've decided to celebrate it on the Moira. The observation deck is decorated with candles and lights, music playing in the background.

Small gift boxes are left outside everyone's door; a MID message explains that each crew member is to put something inside and then place them on the observation deck. At the end of the day, each crew takes a random box. A device that alters the gravity around a single object is used to make drinks, food, and gifts and float through the air. Everyone is encouraged to relax and have a good time.

☄ section t
unfinished business, that's what
There are many locations on the ship that are inaccessible, either because they are locked unless crew have clearance or for some an unknown reason. Section T is one of those such areas. Crew are known to get lost in this area, and hear voices, among other things. Having this brought to the Captain's attention, an expedition of sorts ghost hunters in space has been organized, and anyone who wishes to join will be paired up and sent in with their MIDs on alert to track their paths. Not long into the search, it will become clear that something, or someone, is displeased with the large number of people wandering through. Some unlucky crew will stumble across an apparition and those who are luckier won't. It's relatively harmless, and appears to only seek to scare everyone out of Section T.



For mature or graphic content, please label. For questions, please direct them to the FAQ. As always, be kind and have fun!
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Ms. Marvel/Kamala Khan | Whatever Marvel 616 is now

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[Okay, it's not like Kamala has never woken up in strange places before. A giant city underneath the Hudson is pretty damn weird though. But at least Medusa was there to explain some things. Things that sometimes still don't seem real despite the fact that they're literally her life and the world ended. So that happened.

So, when she gets her uniform back on, mask, cowl, all that good stuff, she turns to the person next to her. It feels like time for a good quip. So she's gonna drop:]

Toto, I have a feeling we're not in Jersey City anymore.

[Okay, so the reference isn't as good when she doesn't have a dog, but... she tried.]

Whales in Space

[For the most part Kamala, well Ms. Marvel, has been exploring the ship. So far, it doesn't seem like it's related to the Avengers. Or anyone trying to kill the Avengers. She's not sure if anyone even knows the Avengers. Toto, this might not even be her earth anymore.

And for all she's seen, the observation deck is still pretty impressive. There's not a lot to describe the mass expanse of space and do it justice so she won't even bother. And whales in space? Even better. Whales are so flipping cute!

Kamala rushes forward and pushes her nose to the glass, watching the amazing massive creatures swim through space.]

This is amazing. No one is gonna believe me when I tell them about this! Not even the Whovians!

Section T

[Look Kamala Khan is a HUGE NERD (TM) and horror is a part of nerddom so when she hears about unsightly apparitions, she jumps on it. Never mind that she spend most of Paranormal Activity hiding behind a pillow and asking Bruno to explain what was happening to her. But she's a superhero now and part of being a super hero is being brave!

So she adjust her mask, breathes in, and makes her fist grow to an abnormally large size. Like bigger than her entire face.]

You ready for this? I am. Bustin' makes me feel good.

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[She can't believe she actually gets to hunt ghosts with Ms. Marvel and she doesn't even get to do it as Moon Girl. Without her outfit or any of her inventions here, she's just got to be Lunella for this. That's not all that bad though, so she grins and reaches over to bump her fist against the older girl's much larger one. Since she's also more than a little nerdy, she gets the quip, and hums the Ghostbusters song under her breath.

It's not that she's nervous about actual ghosts, she's more or less not wanting to get lectured on the morality of not doing what they're supposed to be doing by feeling along the walls and seeing if there's any hidden panels to anywhere instead.

I think I'm ready for this. But you go first, okay?

[So she can follow behind and feel at the walls without looking totally crazy.]
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whales in space

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[Loki, on the other hand, one: wishes he didn't know the Avengers at all, and two: is not thoroughly interested in the whales at all. The people here, however, are another story entirely. He leans "casually" against an adjacent pane of glass, flicking a flippant glance to the giant beast outside at the teenager's behest.


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[ It's Lockjaw who notices first. Lockjaw, used to better company than the perpetually-busy and all-too-serious Medusa, bored with being stuck with only one mistress to play with. Medusa despairs of trying to keep him from wandering too far, scolding him to cover up the terror that comes with wondering how the hell he got here and what she'll do if he disappears one day, never to return.

She's been here too long to let herself hope that it means anything more than simple doggy boredom when Lockjaw abruptly sits up from a nap and starts sniffing the air. And before she can say Don't even think about it— he's more than thought about it; he's up and barking like mad and careening his huge self off through the halls in search of some nasal phantom completely undetectable to Medusa. Leaving her to follow the trail of slobber in a righteous storm of red hair.

So never fear, Kamala, your Toto is here, and so is the Queen, if there's anything left for Medusa to find once Lockjaw's done licking her into submission. Which is definitely what is going to happen in three, two, one...
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Did you just call me Toto?

[ Sam rears back, glad his Nova helmet covers most of his face, because he's pretty sure the face he's making in response to that quip would be considered pretty rude. ]

Whatever. Do you know where we are?

[ ooc: canon point is pre-secret wars so Sam won't recognize her ]