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Whether adjusting to space travel has been difficult or not, there is always something to be done. From working to leisure, the Moira offers a multitude of opportunities to get to know your crewmates a bit better. Exploration of the ship is highly encouraged. The mess hall and kitchens are open, as well as many other areas of the ship.

There’s no gravity. Due to an unfortunate glitch in the Moira’s gravity stabilizer, the following areas of the ship are experiencing fluctuations in gravity. There is no distinct time pattern, they are abrupt, and they can last anywhere from a few seconds to a few hours. The effects of the no-gravity problem are listed under the information for each location and are exclusive to those three areas only. The only way to right yourself is to find a way out of each location.


☄ the rec area:
This area's main purpose is to help crew members stay active and healthy during their time spent in space. There is a wide variety of exercise equipment available to use, such as treadmills and free weights, and much, much more. The swimming pool is heated and sectioned off for both free swimming and laps. There is even a row of UV beds available to give most residents a much needed boost of vitamin D and color.

Everything that wasn't bolted down is now suspended in the air. Hand weights, exercise balls, towels, a few pool chairs, and yourself. The most extraordinary part of there being no gravity in the rec area is the pool. The water has begun to slowly lift upward in one large, relatively stable rectangle. Swimming in it would be a risk, because there is no longer any way to separate yourself from the water. It's beautiful, but dangerous. Can you resist?

[This prompt may be used for game canon.]

☄ the tower:
Nicknamed "the crow’s nest", the tower has control panels for communicating with navigation and scouting for incoming crafts, as well as offering a view from the top-most point of the ship. From here, the solar-powered wings, which are in need of constant repair, arch out and upward. As they are one of the main sources of the Moira's power, it is necessary to keep a constant vigil for anything that might cause them or the tower damage.

This part of the ship offers a unique view of the wings, as well as housing the control panels for navigation and scouting. You notice a small blip on one of the screens, an oncoming ship (or something in the shape of a ship) is headed straight for the Moira with no sign of stopping. The gravity fluctuates. Suddenly the weight of the air in the room feels double or triple the way it normally would, and you are pinned to whatever surface you were nearest. The floor, a control panel, a chair. Either way, you and your crewmates need to warn the rest of the ship of impending danger. Will you succeed?

[This prompt may be used for game canon.]

Water drips from rusting pipes, pooling in low points on the sanitation area floors. In spite of its rough condition, this area is a vital part of the ship due to the fact it maintains the quality of life on board the Moira. All plumbing and water passes through this area on its way to other parts of the ship. This zone hosts the water filtration and purification systems as well as contains all waste disposal units. Upkeep to this area is VERY important due to water being a desperately needed resource out in the black.

The least favorite area of the ship, Sanitation is now a mandatory part of every crew member's work day. Everyone is assigned an hourly shift to clean and inspect the area. During a switch-over with the next shift, the gravity fluctuates, causing a pipe to burst from the sudden pressure. You and the crew member that had come to relieve you must now deal with the mess. Is it water or something else?

[This prompt may be used for game canon.]


For mature or graphic content, please label. Test Drive Meme prompts that may be used as game canon are noted above and all may be used as samples for applications. For questions, please direction them to the FAQ. As always, be kind and have fun!
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Bel Thorne || Vorkosigan Saga

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rec area

[the slim figure catches a strut, twisting neatly to orient itself to the nearest flat surface and looking around with keen interest. given momentum by slight vibrations transmitted through the deck, everything not bolted down has begun to explore new trajectories, eerily beautiful against the dark backdrop of the translucent ceiling above.

sharp face alight, soft brown hair floating like a halo, Bel laughs softly.]

Well, that's one way to lose some weight.

[or a lot of weights, some of which have started to intersect with the magnificent gelid blob of water drifting slowly upwards. Bel huffs out a breath; that's a disaster waiting to happen. hasn't anyone on this rig heard of securing loose objects?

spotting a tangle of stretch cords off to the side, Bel kicks off to grab a few -- not least for an anchor. maybe if everyone's lucky, the gravity will just stay off.]
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[ miles has just entered the rec area when things start getting screwy. a small sound of surprise escapes him momentarily as his feet lift off the ground, his stomach roiling slightly in that now-familiar transition to freefall. ah. ]

Yeah, but it's impossible to keep it off. [ miles remarks wryly to bel, raising an eyebrow at his captain from across the rec area -- the giant unbroken cell of water remains between them, and miles just barely manages to kick off from the closest wall to avoid colliding with it. drowning in freefall isn't in the top five stupid and embarrassing ways to die, but it's up there. ] Fancy meeting you here, Bel. Er -- mind throwing me a line here?
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oh yes~

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Miles! [Bel's head snaps around at the familiar voice. they're oriented upside-down to one another, and the water globule is doing some very disorienting things to the shapes on the other side.]

Ha, I think I can manage that. [the cords are thoroughly tangled, hooked among one another with the handholds at the ends; the mass clanks faintly as it floats along with Bel's trajectory. another twist, and Miles is in sight; a pat at a passing corner to redirect and slow down -- forward momentum is all well and good, but the Admiral would probably prefer not to be accidentally taken through the next wall by his captain's enthusiasm.]

We'll have to sort this passel out, but there might be enough to set up some lifelines through that hazard there. [doubtfully] Or to tie down some of that lot -- [a nod at the floating debris.] Wouldn't want to be the cleanup crew when all this comes down.

[they're drifting together now, slowly as a dream; Bel lets a hand drift up toward Miles's, to sync their paths as naturally as possible.]
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Wouldn't want to be here at all when all this comes down. [ it's a tone of mild agreement, but the gaze he directs at the huge globule of water is just a little concerned. he nods at the assortment of floating gym equipment, then at what used to be the pool. ] The weights will be bad enough, I'm sure, but I think we'll have more trouble with what used to be the pool. But let's see what we can tie down first, shall we? Starting with ourselves, of course.

[ no doubt it'll be no fun at all when the gravity gets turned back on, but compared to the shit they usually deal with it's so nonthreatening that it's almost amusing. in fact miles is grinning despite himself when he reaches out to meet bel's hand, clasping his hand around its wrist. a little tug for leverage, and he's slowly righting himself to face bel properly -- and actually face it. the convenient thing about freefall is that height differences seem to matter so much less. ]

Pass that here, eh? Let's see if we can tease it out. [ he gestures at the tangle of cords with his free hand. ]
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[snickers -- all too true; their captive status here is a sore point -- but nods at Miles's concern about the pool.] A forcefield skin would have sorted the whole thing out. Do they even have those here? [uneasy glance at the translucent ceiling -- who knew what its strength was, and if the gravity flipped the other way.....

better to concentrate on the here and now, though. an old hand at freefall, Bel floats easily into sync and grins back, exhilarated, fingertips resting against Miles's wrist in turn. they're still rotating, of course, but at the same rate now, and the unusual angle does all kinds of interesting things to his face.... and as grating as the circumstances may be, he's always had that trick of somehow putting everything in a better light. Making everything seem possible.]

You got it.... [a teasing whisper, just for Miles] ...sir. [Admiral Naismith is a secret here and the Barrayaran accent still takes getting used to, but what Bel owes to Miles was never about his name.]

I've got a couple free so far. Convenient that they're all different colors. [much easier to sort that way.

a loose knot with the end hooked into it made an adequate tether that wouldn't unexpectedly tighten around one's waist, and four cords tied together would give them plenty of freedom. now all they needed was an anchor.]