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September Plot II: Plotting Post and IC Objectives


The breakout log is up. The player characters are, at this time, their own authorities. Mother will remain in contact, but her child cannot be saved without a way to the Ingress Complex—something that will be achieved next log. While we are opening OOC signups now (more info below!), characters will need to find the intermediaries' leadership to accomplish this—and to hopefully resolve their conflict with the Savrii as a whole.

The goal of these weeks is to allow you to put your characters in a position to do so. While the fighting will come to a head in two weeks' time, the successes of the characters between now and then will determine how much of an edge they have in that confrontation.

Fortunately, some advantage has already been obtained. Before falling prey to the simulation, Adrien Arbuckal solicited the help of Alan Bradley and Nihlus Kryik in modifying saved Trojan code into a functioning program. They then released this program into the Savrii's servers. Over the last month, it has been saving up data, and on access to any sufficiently high-clearance terminal, they will be able to receive the reports.

The below list contains a set of potential goals, derived from both their information and the situation as a whole. Please note: character choices are in no way limited to these options! The main purpose of this post is to provide a forum for OOC plotting as you decide what your characters want and how they will achieve it. Take a look, decide what interests you, and tag around! Teamups are the name of the game.


Item Retrieval:

Maybe that sword was a family heirloom. Maybe they stole your pet cat. Maybe you keep your brain in a frisbee. For whatever reason, some people might not be content to fight a whole planet with shock sticks and fickle dinosaurs alone. Once downloaded, the Trojan's data will point the way to your belongings, but there's still a complex full of guards and killers to fight through—supported by beings who can neutralize half your number. Plan?


If not quite so terrible as people rifling through your mind, people rifling through your communications isn't fun. Moreover, it makes it very hard to coordinate assaults across a planet. Are you planning to take down the network hub? Hijack it? Supply misinformation? Take your pick.


Speaking of people rifling through your minds... kill them with fire, or try to spare? The intermediaries don't seem to be especially combative on their own, but anyone left alone with them for long might find their side of things oddly appealing. Possibly more concerning than the ones in sight are the ones you can't find. Those familiar with the intermediaries' power structure might notice that all the ranking members have disappeared from sight. Weren't there rumors about that one "remote" mediation center? It might be worth a search.

Public Relations:

Even if you don't trust the intermediaries, surely some of the Savrii have to be redeemable. Salvageable? Worth telling about the manipulations of their leaders? Or maybe you want to talk to them about those ominous storm warnings... or the way the sky seems to be splitting open. Not many will be willing to listen, but you can certainly give it a shot.


Between all the crazy people throwing themselves in harm's way to help and all the crazy people throwing themselves in harm's way to murder... someone has to play the sane middle ground. Set up a perimeter, stake out a warehouse, or just play bodyguard. But make sure others come back safe.

important notes

  • One objective not listed in the above is rescuing Mother's child. While ICly a character goal throughout the process, that will be OOCly accomplished during—and parallel with—the confrontation with the intermediaries' leadership. The remote mediation center where they are holed away contains the necessary controls to deactivate the Artifixx field, and once the characters who enter do so, those helping Mother will be free to invade the Complex.

    The two missions will be logged separately and simultaneously—so please note that a character cannot be in both places at once. If you have interest in being part of the rescue team, sign up for the RNG below.

  • As alluded to in the log, character deaths or captures during the next two weeks will have unique consequences. With deaths, players may choose to have their characters' bodies recovered by their teammates, resulting in continued death until the setting change (end of the month), or by the Savrii. Those recovered by the Savrii will be brought back to life, and reunited with their companions on the 24th! They will not, however, be entirely on the same side. The same goes for anyone who is captured.

    If you have interest in subjecting your character to this experience, sign up below!

With the player-directed focus of this plot, we realize clarifications may be needed. As usual, please feel free to deposit questions or ideas for us below! For this event in particular, we encourage public plotting, but if you need to privately communicate an issue to us, the feedback page is always open.

Kick ass, take names, and have fun!

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Related to Communications! And FAQ tracking here!

When/if the network tower has been taken over and all the data that can be harvested has been harvested, Nihlus will try and get a broadcast/data packet out to the general civilian population through the TAB network to try and get their sympathy and/or generate chaos for the local authority figures. If anyone wants to contribute potential data to this, it would be welcome!

What will be in it so far:

- What Siddony had revealed to them about the nature of the storm.
- The encounter with and information about the child and Asteroid 276.
- What has been done and what is being done at the intermediary centers.
- The genocide committed to keep Ingress tech in the hands of the very few under the facade of protecting the multiverse and how it's contrary to what Siddony had revealed
- The fact that they were very likely brought here by Ingress authorities and lied to about their ability to leave.
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It was related to things Kaz researched in Savrii history, but Kaz noted on the network (in the simulation, though) here a couple of Savrii incidents he read about. Though when he spoke with Siddony some of the info seems to suggest that he didn't even know about everything the intermediaries did.

So whatever value that has in showing how far back things go.