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Arc II Climax: Infodump and Character Vote


The final two mod logs for Arc 2 have now gone up: one for those invading the intermediary stronghold and one for the team assisting Mother. As the numbers worked out perfectly, we're happy to announce that all of those who volunteered will be included in the second log! This consists of Agent Texas, the Big Sister, Cayde-6, L, Lup, Soldier: 76, Solid Snake, Wanda Maximoff, Yondu Udonta, and Zer0. While both logs are definitely there for your use, we'd like to emphasize their optional nature—not all characters will choose to join with either mission, and even if your character is there, you are not required to play out the events inside.

More generally, we'd like to extend our reassurance and appreciation to the game at large. The pace this last month has been absolutely crazy on all ends, and we know the pacing throughout these events hasn't been perfect. If we were to run this sort of plot again, we would apply lessons we've learned from this one. Arc 2 is still set to conclude in a week, but the game should calm down substantially after. In Arc 3, players can expect a return to a more exploration-based scenario, with a variety of events on a monthly or bimonthly basis—not the constant rush of heavy on-rails metaplot we've had recently.

Our huge thanks to the playerbase—for your participation, your feedback, and your willingness to stick through the crazy train with us. However much of the climax you plan to thread, we hope to provide a satisfying conclusion to some of the plots and challenges of Arc 2.

Vote: Intermediaries

For characters who choose to participate, the larger mission will be the Mediation Center. Crucial to both recovering your friends and winning the de facto war that has begun, this location is a pleasantly appointed haven of nightmares. Characters will be forced to fight their way through both their enemies and friends... but for some, the most difficult decision will come when the battles are won. What to do with the intermediaries?

Killing is one option, and for many, the most appealing. These individuals have imprisoned and controlled you, and inflicted unknown harms on others since Thisavrou began. More, they have made concerted efforts to pick apart the minds of those subjected to their "care"—including some individuals you may value. They pose a harm to these worlds through their very existence... and once their powers have been overcome, you'll find it's very easy to end that. The intermediaries carry out their work through words and through manipulation—they have little physical defense.

Imprisonment would, of course be more merciful. And all that seems necessary, especially now. Their access to the outside is cut off, and what hunting forces remain outside these walls will be uncoordinated—or maybe surrender completely, with their leaders held prisoner. Do you want them to stand some kind of trial? To admit their wrongs? They are the justice system here, and acknowledge their own faults not at all. Still, turnaround seems fair play. Close the doors and seal them in. They probably need some time for self-reflection, after all.

Another option? This one's really up to you. Do you believe in an eye for an eye? Do you sympathize with their plight and plan to let them free? As always, the intermediaries are very ready to turn this into a discussion—though perhaps you're less inclined to leave them capable of that. Suggest and discuss.

On an OOC level, we would like to remind players that the setting transition will happen soon after the interaction with the intermediaries (more on that below!). While your character may lean towards imprisonment with the intent of other future repercussions, this vote is to decide what they choose to do immediately. The decision characters make will carry forward through their legacy on Thisavrou, but they will not have time to personally effect any longer-term plans.

On an IC level, the decision will be made by those on the scene. Each interested player should submit one vote per character present. As characters are acting according to their own goals, however, their response may or may not play out as a vote in-universe! If your character is more inclined to attempt violence without discussion, you're welcome to play them as having done so. Just keep in mind that if the OOC consensus goes the other way, they will have been ICly restrained at some point—presumably, by individuals who favored a more peaceful resolution.

While plotting options are provided below, players are welcome to submit a vote whether or not they intend to plot or thread any specifics. Voting will close at 12:00 PM EST, September 28 to provide a fixed consensus. Players are, of course, welcome to thread out the events before this deadline—we just ask that you keep an eye on the current tally to approximate the final results.

To vote or plot, please check out the starter below! If you have questions, feel free to ask them.

The current tally is:

So about that setting change...

Amidst all the chaos, we've noticed a few players keeping track of the "storms" plot thread—and we can at this point confirm that this will play a key role in what comes. The storm around Thisavrou will pay these worlds a visit in a very unique way—one prompted, in part, by the resolution of the current logs. This will be posted on September 30th in two parts: an IC broadcast on the network community, and an OOC summary in this one.

Please note that while the post will OOCly be made on the 30th to give players time to thread and vote, it falls immediately after the current logs in-game. Both "Final Logs" take place within the course of one day in-universe.

While players are welcome to thread out reactions if they choose, the incident itself is unavoidable, and not meant to be especially interactive. As a result, our focus will be on shuffling characters forward into the new arc. Arc 3 will go live on October 1.

As always, if you have questions or commentary, hit us up below or on the feedback page. Thanks for reading, playing, and being here!

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