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Late in the evening of the local calendar's equivalent to June 26, characters who work at or are passing through the Ingress Complex may have noticed a sudden tremor, a flickering of the lights and a pause in the regular background noise of the Ingress itself, leaving only silence rather than the usual very quiet hum. After approximately fifteen minutes, things returned to normal. During this stretch of time, especially perceptive characters on the planets below could have observed a sudden change to the swirling patterns of the storm surrounding Thisavrou.

These occurrences were due to the unauthorized intrusion of Neriel Lavellan and Marian Hawke and a magical altercation that took place inside the complex but outside of the shielded area where newcomers arrive when they first come through the Ingress. As this NPC post indicates, authorities are not very happy with this!

Both Lavellan and Hawke have been detained for the moment. As for the Ingress itself, as of this morning, outbound transit through the Ingress is off-limits. Characters who are in other worlds will be allowed to return, but no one will be allowed to depart Thisavrou. This partial travel ban will be in effect for the remainder of June. (If this conflicts with any late-month plotting you had planned, just leave us a comment below, and we'll work something out!) Despite this, everything in the complex appears to be functioning normally...but keep an eye on the sky, won't you?