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Hello naughty adults it's "get away from the children" time.

Erik, in his continuing effort to be sneaky, is opening the Hellfire Club over by the old Music Hall. (The IC motivation for this is to collect blackmail in case he needs it, but I really don't care how successful he is at that. I just need a reason for him to go to all this effort.)

The Hellfire Club, for those of you not familiar with the absurdity of X-Men canon, is a sex club that Erik has taken over at various points for various reasons. On the Ingress, it's going to be a large common lounge area that serves drinks and various tobacco products, done up in a very posh mid century modern style. Going off from there will be various private areas in the converted soundproof room with different themes that people can use if they want. This is a classy establishment, ok?

Most importantly, it's an adults-only club. So only characters 18+ are permitted.

Feel free to ask questions here if there's anything about this that isn't clear. Also he doesn't need to be personally involved in anything that's going on in there, just please no minor aged characters.

ETA: So at this point, I'm not sure if we'll get this one off the ground. The mods will have the final say (naturally) but while it's still up in the air I'm going to take the opportunity to clear up some things that may be in doubt at this point to help make that decision easier.

Blackmail: He's not going to be recording anything. And I'm not going to whip out blackmail on anybody unexpectedly. In fact, I have no intention on following up on that at all unless somebody wants to run a blackmail plot with me, at which point we can hash out how that's going to work to our satisfaction. The only point of it for me is to give him IC motivation to make the club because he's not going to do anything out of the goodness of his heart.

Sex: Safe, sane, consensual. Non-transactional. Zero tolerance for anybody violating these rules. "Safe, sane, consensual" because he doesn't want to deal with it if people are getting hurt. Non-transactional because he's got enough work to do. It's a club for adults with space to engage in recreational activities if they want. That desire is not a requirement for entry. If people just want to hang out in the lounge and drink moonshine out of fancy glasses he doesn't care.

Location: It doesn't have to be in the music hall area, that's just where I stuck it because nobody's using it for anything and some of the rooms are already soundproofed. He can put this thing wherever is convenient.

I don't know if there's any other questions or concerns anybody may have but if there's anything anybody would like me to clarify please feel free to make a comment here, PM me, or find me on Plurk ([ profile] Barbeauxbot) to ask.
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⋆ The first textbox is the header! Fill it out first in its own comment and then submit.
⋆ Respond to your first comment with the second textbox for each character you play.
⋆ Tell us what your characters are doing, what they will be doing, or what you want them to do.
⋆ Plot, chat, maybe toss in a good gif.


Oct. 11th, 2017 01:13 pm
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I probably should do one of these too, since I already have the the IC post.

So Erik wants to start a workshop. He has a few reasons for wanting this. One, while he's not totally up to speed on the tech that the Ingress complex has, being from 1983 and all, he can already fumble his way through repairing things like small appliances. And obviously, any kind of punctured/dented/corroded/otherwise damaged metal is something he can fix with very little effort. However, he doesn't want to be bothered every time somebody has a broken toaster so he wants to teach some of the aimless youth (or older, he doesn't judge)(at least not about that) something useful.

His sneaky reason for doing this is making good impressions on people and collecting favors so that when he inevitably starts acting out, he has people who might be more likely to defend him. Also, he still thinks that he can get out of here if he just tries hard enough, and is looking to find like-minded individuals who might help with this. Obviously, he is not going to be successful in that second goal and who knows how successful he'll be in the first. But those are his sneaky reasons.

And to that end, he's going to be on his best behavior (such as it is) for the time being. I'm making this separate planning post about the workshop as it's going to be a little different than the Network project. This is going to be an ongoing thing for him. Even if nobody is interested in working on stuff in there, he'll still be puttering around with little projects and whatnot until if/when plot demands pull him away from it.

So if you're interested, feel free to respond to the Network post or at his IC inbox (not pretty yet but you can comment there, lol) and/or OOC plan here so we know who all is going to be in and out of there. He doesn't have to be present in all workshop threads so I don't care if people start threading there whenever.
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Joining the OOC organization bandwagon! \o/

When in doubt (or emotional turmoil) throw yourself into work, right? Adrien has made a bee-line to the Medbay and has begun to triage, inventory and work towards repairing the equipment, but he definitely needs some assistance.

I've talked some with the mods about working towards getting MedBay up and running and here are some of the key challenges.

  • Equipment No manuals. There are no manuals around about a lot of this equipment and a lot of it is technology beyond what Adrien had access too back during Arc II. So help in figuring out futuristic alien tech through trial and error anyone?
  • Medications. There is a limited stock of medications. Once the network is back up one of Adrien's first calls is going to be to reach out and ask people what they have in terms of medical supplies and what they would be willing to donate to an R & D project to try to replicate medications.
  • Replicating medication. Help with R & D work to figure out how to replicate existing medication.
  • Holistic and Poultices. I saw where work was being done for plant growing POISONS!! and Adrien has experience using holistic and poultice type medication but that is another area where the more minds the better!
  • Medical staff. Anyone willing to pitch in and help staff MedBay? Anything from first aid, to learning how to run the equipment, to healer work, to traditional doctoring ... the door is wide open!!
  • ??? I'm sure I've forgotten somethings, so this is a call for any and all input!

Regarding the initial bullet point, I'm toying with a light hearted opt-in plot and would be interested to gauge interest. Once they get the equipment functioning, since there are no manuals, there would need to be some tests run. Would anyone be interested in a light hearted (keywords light hearted) plot of test run failures for some silly shenanigans?

Like whoops, suddenly you have green hair or only speak in song lyrics or believe you are a chocolate chip cookie! If there is interest I can put together a more specific plot proposal for the mods.

Otherwise this is a general OOC call to come help get MedBay up to scratch for all your band-aid requiring needs in the future!
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Alright, naughty children, it's school time.

In all seriousness though, Charles is currently working to convert a couple of the smaller, likely more rundown labs (so we're not using supplies we may need otherwise) into classroom spaces, and this is about the one instance he doesn't mind asking for help.

And boy does he need it. He'll need some assistance with the physical part of the conversion process (furniture, etc.), as well as scrounging for any supplies (more ancillary stuff: books, utensils, whatever) we may have left over from planetside. (FTR: He never had a pacdisc so most of his own inventory didn't come over).

Once we get the network back up and running, he'll be reaching out to regauge interest (though those of you who he talked to last time will likely get a more personal invite/convo, and we can absolutely handwave that as you need).

Ideas/questions/suggestions/offers/whatever all go here. ♥
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Alright folks, this is a call for tech-minded characters. I asked the mods about it here, initially regarding Flynn's initial forays, and have touched base with a few more people regarding a fix.

Flynn will be quite upfront about not having the skill to handle this behemoth on his own, and intends to reach out to others, so, here's where you come in!

If your character has experience building, repairing, modding tech stuff or has a skill set that can help get the Avagi network up and running, then please feel free to tag in here, let us know who they are, and what they can do. This is also a place to plot if you'd like to thread anything with your fellow tech brosises, or handwave anything.

Any questions, please let me know too. I'm not...that great with technology myself lol so I'll do my best.
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Sup Savrites! I know a few people are interested in getting the station greenery into something resembling usefulness so I figured I'd get a post going to better pool our resources. I'll be linking the mods this post for their own references as well as updating this with any new contributions that might come around, at least until a better system for keeping track is put in place.

So far here's what all I know about:
  • Saylent Blue grass (native)
  • Red dandelions (native)
  • Disturbing milk plant (from Nihlus)
  • Poison ingredients?? (from Rin)
    • belladonna
    • larkspur
    • foxglove
    • hyacinth
    • oleander
    • black lotus (poison/anesthetic)
    • diamond lily (healing/antitoxin ingredient)
    • dewbell (healing/antitoxin ingredient)
    • peacefoil (healing/antitoxin ingredient)
  • BEES (from Soldier 76)
  • Golden flowers (for tea, from Chara)
  • Echo flowers (to look pretty and be annoying, from Chara)
  • Cow poo Fertilizer (from the Voltrons)
  • Fuckton of tea (from Ana Amari)
  • Ferns (from Clu)
  • Manual labor (Lavellan, Tracer, Pepper Potts, Bucky Barnes, Laura Kinney)

Stuff what might still be needed:
  • More plant starters!
  • Reprogramming the caretaker robots to cut down on overwatering (Clu, Mei-Ling Zhou)
  • IC leadership (Raeka, Juri Arisugawa, could always use more)
  • I dunno you come up with something

Feel free to add stuff in the comments, whether it's things your character can help with or even potentially detrimental ways your character might be affecting the greenery, like a huge jerk.
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Hey guys, this is laz and I come with sad news. Unfortunately I am taking a neuro class that is threatening to kill me (on top of being sick) so trying to maintain activity here while juggling the hardships of my classes presently is impossible. Sadly I have to drop, but I may return once this semester draws to a close, I'm just presently fumbling with the ball and Dorian is the sort of character who needs undivided attention which I sadly cannot provide...because the visual system is more important...which simply cannot be. So hopefully I will be back once this madness ends.
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New kids, welcome to the game! Existing players who apped new characters, it's great to have even more of you! Come use this space to introduce yourself, your characters, talk about what they'll be getting up to, share recipes, play awkward icebreaker know, mingle!

Love meme!

Sep. 27th, 2017 08:09 pm
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Hello, Savriites! Recently the mod team realized the game passed its second anniversary unnoticed. For a belated celebration, we thought we'd have a love meme, because we love our players, and we want to spread that love around like Nutella.

How's this work? Pretty easy; just post a comment with your name and characters, then comment around letting others know what you love and appreciate about them and their characters. Have fun, roll in love and good vibes!

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hey y'all, I just wanted to say a fond farewell-- I'll be dropping Daryl & thus from the game entirely. Thanks for the fun, I'll miss it <3

I'm not really on plurk these days but feel free to drop a PM my way if you wanna keep in touch, or PSL sometime, or whatevs. Cheers!